Why Choose Salokh Smart Accounting

  • Other Firms/Freelancers
  • Set up client’s accounts and typically do not stay in an active role.
  • Step out of the picture and tell clients to call if they have questions.
  • Have many different revenue sources. Small & Medium businesses are ‘just another client.’
  • Treat tax preparation as a major event.
  • Do 12 months worth of work during tax season, offering no monthly reports of your tax liability.
  • Request information in March or April about what happened the previous year.
  • Salokh Smart Accounting Services
  • We start with an initial strategy session to help you understand and develop a plan for the entire year. We help you determine the best way to manage your bookkeeping and help you stay on task.
  • Is proactive. We reach out to clients regularly and encourage two-way communication to better serve your business and for see your accounting needs.
  • Specializes in small & medium business accounting and has years of experience effectively managing small & medium business’ books.
  • Is constantly working with you through the year to lessen the tax season stress. We also have midyear review for tax planning.
  • Performs monthly record-keeping so we can better spot trends and take advantage of tax savings opportunities. There are no surprises because we plan for taxes all year long.
  • Communicates with clients on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep track of all financial data.
  • Our team of highly experienced accountants, bookkeepers keep themselves updated regarding the latest Acts, Bills & Rules from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Companies Act 1956 , The companies Amendment Act, Law Board, The companies bill as passed by Lok Sabha, Cost Accounting, Audit Rules, Filing statutory application under different Sections and All Central Govt.& State Govt. General rules, Tax Amendments and regulations). If you have an issue we will find the solution
  • We give a clear list of activities and corresponding charges, we don’t like our clients to have any unpleasant surprises.

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